I'm a full stack developer trying to use web technologies in desktop application projects. My current stack used at work is React and SCSS.

Outside of work, I use Vue and Stylus for the frontend, and Gin for the backend.

I used to primarily use Node.js for backend development, but has since moved on to Go after my VPS bills skyrocketed after hosting a couple of Node.js “side projects”.

I tried to learn Rust too, but I can’t help but feel like it takes more time to create a web server/backend and besides, it’s not yet recommended to use it unless I am creating an API, using external services, and writing SQL myself. I’m currently studying Elixir, after stumbling accross this benchmark that shows Phoenix framework ahead of Gin.


I am currently employed as a software developer at SplitmediaLabs. I’m involved in developing an awesome video production software and a social networking platform for gamers.

Outside of work, I do pickup some sides here and there, and also learn Elixir if I have free time.


I just got married to a super smart computer engineer who is way smarter at math than me. I met her at our previous job at Fujitsu, where she was a Systems Engineer for embedded systems (ie. Audio Video Navigation systems for cars), while I was a QA. She’s currently employed as a project lead in a company that develops banking software.

I love surrounding myself with smart people, which explains why I fell for her, and always consider myself as a developer with lots of room for improvement. Can’t let myself to stagnate… skill-wise.

Aaaaand for some quotes:

I dream of going to space. They say that the sky is the limit. But I want to reach beyond the sky that we see, I want to reach beyond the limit that we set.