May the Fourth be with... us

It is the fourth month of being together! <3

It's been a busy month, and a really stressful one (financially). But let me break it down the usual way :)

Certification exams and their awful exam system

So, my wife was sent to Singapore by her company to take important certification exam which I believe would propel her worth in the company by a mile :D The cool part is... she didn't even review well, in that I mean, I saw her review only once.

By the time she came back to the Philippines, she told me how she failed in an epic way. No, no, she didn't fail because she didn't review or anything like that, I was confident she could pass the exam easily since that's what she is working on 8 hours a day. She is a hands-on team lead, wherein she develops stuff, and not just the type of lead that manages tasks for her members.

The story is that she wanted to review when she arrived in her hotel at Singapore. So naturally, she opened the reviewer that the management gave, which was some sort of an online classroom called Temenos University. She clicked the first link on the list... which incidentally was their ACTUAL exam for the next day! So she quickly closed the tab like a good innocent girl, and proceeded to check the succeeding links in the list. What she didn't know is that once you open the link, you cannot retake/reopen it anymore.

So in the next day, she couldn't take one part of the exam just because of this. Coincidentally, the way the exams are graded was modified for this year, wherein you should pass ALL modules in order to get certified. So yeah, she defaults as to fail. XOXO

But hey, she passed all other exams with flying colors, aside from the module that she took right after the module that she couldn't take anymore... (She tells me that she couldn't answer the module because she was unmotivated after realizing that she would not pass anymore just because of an exam that she mistakenly clicked because it's in the same webpage as the rest of the reviewers XD)

Look at how sad she is when she arrived:

Btw, I was the only one that ordered ramen in the airport... She told me that she did not feel like eating :(

On contrast, I was pretty happy with the fact that I'm eating ramen XD

But hey, chin up, you passed everything else... Hopefully they would allow her to have a retake. Justice for my Wife!

Signature food of the Month

She loves to cook. But we only got to take a picture of one of her tasty looking pasta this month:

She did cook a lot this month, because we had to cook food for ourselves due to budget constraints... and the reason is what I'll talk about next.

Camella one, igalaw ang katawan

It's no secret that we were looking for a house for quite some time by now. But it was just recently that we got to contact Kelvin's (who worked with me in Fujitsu, and whom I pirated to Splitmedialabs coz he's awesome) aunt (Aunt Beth) who was a agent of The Hive (a condominium project at Taytay). We first wanted to look for lots, but since we didn't really have anyone we knew that was into construction contracting, she suggested that we look into some subdivisions that sells house and lots. The other issue was that we did not have any large, humongous cash in hand that we can use to pay for the down-payment... So Aunt Beth looked for developers that have some sort of down-payment scheme to help us out.

They first tried to bring us to Grand Monaco, a low-cost developer that targets the low-middle income family segment of the market. Due to some policy changes that Grand Monaco had wherein our agents weren't notified, we weren't able to check out the houses available there... The location was ideal since it was quite near to the main highway :(

We then went to Camella Homes Rizal, which is also a low-cost housing project of Vista Land, and we got sold after checking out some of their model houses. I just don't get it why they call it as "low-cost"... I mean, 3 million - 4 million isn't low cost in my book :| Anyhow, we 'bought' one of their smaller house models, but with a bigger lot (134 sqm.) and I'm feeling good that it is actually a good deal, well, apart from some issues that we found with the home owners association, wherein they're having some complaints with the contractor and Manila Water. Hopefully, things get sorted out by the time we move in to our home... They'll have a year to sort things out. I'm staying positive.

On the other hand, our finances now became real tight. I'll see if I can sort things out that we can breath a little since the down-payment scheme isn't really easy to tackle.

Second Assembly together <3

We had our assembly this month too! We almost went to the wrong venue since we mixed up the venue of the assembly with the regional convention XD. We even wore black thinking that the venue is fully air-conditioned LOL

As for the lessons learned this assembly, one of the most "right for our time" type of demonstration is on how we should "approach" people who outright does what is against our principles. I was used to demonstrations that try to correct others, or just outright avoid those types of people... In this demonstration, one keyword that was interesting is "respect" which was used in the sentence: "I respect your viewpoint, just as how you respect my viewpoint".

I feel like it's necessary to point this type of approach as the 'best' way to approach people due to the issues we're having at Russia. If we outright avoid people, shame them, or force them to change their views, it would be harder for us to defend ourselves when some opposer claim that we are an extremist group.

We should value one of the most important gift to us, the freedom to choose.


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