The Fifth

Quick update about our fifth month together.

A visit to the Chiropractor

I experienced two seizures this month, one was when I was driving back to work and the the other was during one of the midweek meetings wherein I had an assignment. It was quite embarrassing to be honest since I did make a scene at the kingdom hall XD.

We already went to multiple doctors, but we were not able to get any definitive reason as to why my migraine occurs, and as to why does it go into such an extent that I experience seizures... So we decided to try out chiropractic.

They did crack some of my bones, and nothing really bad happened, but it is really pricey (60,000+ pesos for around 15 sessions) and I don't have any money to spare for this and the coming months :(. The problem here is that chiropractic is not yet recognized here in the Philippines, thus it is not included in any HMO plan.

So what do I do about my migraine? I'll just avoid the known 'triggers' of my migraine, namely Stress, Hunger, and Lack of sleep.

A visit

AC's congregation's elder(s) had a talk in our congregation, which also means... Pictures :D

All in all, our fifth month was mired with health issues, and the subsequent fact that we had to take extra care of our health. With that said, we couldn't sleep less than 8 hours just to be safe, which also meant that AC never got to go to the office early this whole month :P


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