The first month of our journey

#breakfastdiary, schedule adjustments, cash burn

The three keywords that sticks out for our first month together :D


We started to document our mornings with an instagram post of what we eat during breakfast. It's more of a 'record' just to keep track of what to cook next ;)

I still hope that we would be able to continue it and make #breakfastdiary a thing even though we weren't able to continue doing so for the past week or so due to our tight work schedule.


Since our work schedules aren't the same (I'm on midshift, while my wife is on a morning shift), I had to adjust my body clock so that I could drop-off my wife at her work. Also, I used to leave the office around 11pm or later, but after getting married, I'm now leaving the office around 8pm to pick-up my wife.

On my wife's side, she had to also wake up extra early to prepare our breakfast and our lunchbox. And instead of getting home by 7pm, she had to wait for me till 8pm and arrive home around 9:30 ~ 10pm.

We still have to figure out the best time to cook our dishes though... Cooking in the morning is quite stressful due to the time constraints xD


We're furnishing up our home, which basically means that we're currently burning a lot of cash. We had to budget our finances real well so that we won't end up starving, which we somewhat successfully did. But we're guessing that our finances would stabilize by the end of March or April, so yeah, we couldn't go to fancy dates for this past month (aside from our honeymoon though :D)


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