The second month in one roof

As workaholics, our second month was a busy one. Nevertheless, we were able to squeeze in some quality time together... which we would like to document on this blog :D

The TV

We finally bought a television this month, courtesy of our friend Sheryl. She lent us her credit card since Abenson got a "0% interest rate on installment" promo for HSBC cardholders, so we thought about taking advantage of that.

Actually, it was ate Sheryl who informed us about that promo, and since my credit card is BPI, I won't be able to buy appliances on installment due to the interest rates. But our friend offered us her credit card so that we could buy a TV just in time for the broadcasting that would be hosted in our home this March.

It was quite a funny story though. Ate Sheryl is a Sony fan, and the Abenson's salesman seem to be biased towards Sony wherein he discredited other brands by making it look like buying other brands isn't the best "value for the money" buy. Unfortunately though, I felt like Sony TVs were quite expensive, and I am also quite attracted to LG's WebOS. I wanted to try the webOS tablet that HP made, but never had the chance to buy one in the Philippines before... So yeah, my geeky side kicked in wherein I really want to get my hands on a WebOS device.

So in the end, my decision prevailed, and we saved more than 4 thousand pesos with that :D

WebOS didn't disappoint me either. It's a polished OS for a SmartTV, with a couple of applications on their app store. Surfing the internet and watching YouTube in the big screen was also a pleasant experience. It even came with a free home theater system, albeit an inferior one compared to what Sony offered.

The TV that we bought :D

Sony's freebie home theater system

The uglier LG home theater system that we got as a freebie

Many thanks to my friend ate Sheryl for helping us get the TV a month earlier than planned XD (I will need to pay her before the end of this month or so)

The Date

We decided that we should have at least one romantic date per month, and we did our first one at the nearest mall (SM Taytay). We remembered that one of our first lunch date together as a couple was at Pancake House, which is why we picked Pancake House to have our first monthly date dinner :D

The result: Nope, not worth it. We went for a pasta dinner and ordered a mac & cheese and a Seafood Gambero along with their daily soup and shakes. The food wasn't worth the price... Yes, the Seafood Gambero was tasty, but the taste is similar if not slightly inferior to Iceburg's Shrimp and Mushroom Pomodoro for a higher price. The mac & cheese though was horrid. It tasted like mac & butter instead of cheese... good thing that the serving was little, or else the cook might've felt bad if we left more than half of the mac & cheese untouched.

The soup's taste was within our expectation, that's a good sign :D

The shake and the soup were the only two meal that felt right for the price, considering the taste and the serving

Tasty, but unfortunately, I tasted what Iceburg offered... which made this dish feel inferior considering this dish is pricier

Just don't buy this one.

Oh, aside from our dinner date, we also went to the wet market to buy food... and a sungka :D

The shells/corals that we used for the sungka were the dead corals that we collected on our honeymoon trip last January. I guess this sungka will be really special since it holds the souvenir of our honeymoon. Talk about the sentimental value of this thing. P.S. AC still wins in this game... always.

By the end of the day, we bought these tasty brownies:

That's about it... And I'm looking forward for our next date :P

The Fooooods

We weren't able to commit to our #breakfastdiary in Instagram, but that does not mean we did not have any picture worthy breakfasts and dinners :)

The most memorable one though is the baked chicken experiment, since it was the first time we actually used the oven that we bought a month ago. The experiment was sort of a failure, since we failed to read the recipe carefully wherein we swapped the timing of when we should apply the "broth"... I mean, the seasoning was made into a broth in our case... AC tried to save it, and in that she did well. The chicken looked really good, and the spicy taste was saved :)

Looks tasty ei?

AC being who she is, would try to cook this again, and get the steps right this time :P

Aaand, when I said "we" earlier, I actually meant AC... since I generally am stupid at cooking, and AC is the master chef in the house <3

We also had her salads which didn't fail at all :) bonus points for it looking real good.

Two months out of forever, and things are looking good :D. I'm honestly looking forward for many more events that I would love to retain in my fragile memory.


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