Three for thought

We just entered the 3rd month of being together, and a lot has happened, both positive and negative. I'll start off with the positive:

Successful JW Broadcasting

We just hosted our group's broadcasting for this month, and everything went smoothly. What I like about it being hosted on our place is that we were sure to watch the broadcasting of the month :)

The second broadcasting within the month's time period wasn't hosted on our place, but we still went. It was also a fun experience, specially with the older people talking about their past experiences. Tita Vicky sure had a lot of experiences to talk about, whilst Kuya Aiane has a really open mind :)


We were not able to plan and go to anywhere fancy this month, but we were still able to have some quality time together at the weekends. The first one would be our dinner at Isaw Haus. We were looking for a place to eat our late dinner, and we ended up with one of the establishments that closes at midnight. But unlike last month's Pancake house, this restaurant is way better in terms of price and taste. We ordered some isaws and their lechon kare kare. The taste was way better than I expected, and their serving were for at least four people... since we were just two, we ended up eating the leftovers the next day at the office :)

We also stayed over at AC's parents, and it was a fun one. We got to attend their meetings and even tagged along with their ministry. Their territory was similar to the one at Makati, wherein there were big houses and it was rare to get to talk to anyone.

Speaking of ministry, we also finally had some post worthy pics of us together at the ministry:

We're very cute, aren't we? :P

I like it that I don't look as dark as I really am here

Oh oh, we also attended this year's memorial day of Jesus' death, and we got some pics (albeit, I look really dark in these pics)

Don't I look really dark here :/

So we took some selfies at the grocery after the memorial :)

Aaand not to forget that AC successfully made real kimbobs that I really like!

Oh, I even took a video XD

Lovely :P

The negatives

We got some conflicts with my parents who are living just besides us... Well, that was to be expected since we are just living besides them, and the fact that it is easy for parents to overstep the boundaries since they were used to be "a parent" before I got married.

With that said, I believe that living apart (not just besides them) would be better for all of us.


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